Leon Ayo features in Santander Webinar: Opportunities from South Africa for UK food wholesalers


As UK businesses look to diversify and improve the resilience of their supply chains, Santander UK hosted a webinar looking at the diversification opportunities in South Africa for fresh produce wholesalers.


“People really underestimate the sophistication of the South African market”.  As webinar panelist, Chamber President Leon Ayo shared this view, and also referred to the SA agri sector’s adoption of various technologies to increase yield and efficiency – including hydroponics, artificial intelligence, big data and the use of drones. He also explained how the British Chamber can assist UK companies exploring partnerships and new market opportunities in SA.


The expert panel included, among others:
Sean Jordan-Kirwan, head of the UK’s Dept of International Trade in South Africa.
Nigel Jenney, CEO, Fresh Produce Consortium
Vinod Madhavan, Standard Bank


Have a look below:


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