Members’ Story June 2018: Bollore Logistics


Member Company: Bollore Logistics


As told by: Carol Graham, Business Development Manager


Briefly, what does your company do?


Bollore is a logistics company that offers various services in that domain. It’s a French company started by the Bollore family, who are still at the helm of the business.


What makes your company different?

We’ve got an exciting history – the company is over 200 years old. It was started by an entrepreneurial family who first developed the company in Africa. That entrepreneurial spirit is still present. We’ve been through many changes – political, epidemic health situations in countries that we operate and more. We’ve managed to stay and grow and embrace this fighting spirit.


What’s the best thing about doing business in SA?

Compared to the rest of Africa, SA is far ahead in terms of logistics. Compared to other countries we operate in, SA is generally a warm and approachable market.


What do you wish you knew when you started out, a lesson that you’ve learnt?

Bollore is a fledgling in many aspects. It opened in SA in 1997 so we’ve only been in operation here for just over 20 years. There’s strong competition in SA. Some of the biggest challenges we face is the red tape. It’s a very structured environment in terms of access to customers. But SA is also a springboard into many other African countries.


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