State of the Nation 2023 – Xavier Olivier


State of the Nation 2023 – Xavier Olivier shares his wish list

What do you want to hear from President Ramaphosa at #SONA23 that will have critical impact on your business?

A comprehensive plan on how the government plans to redress critical infrastructure collapse which includes the ongoing electricity crisis, deteriorating road and water infrastructure.


A comprehensive economic recovery plan outlining what practical steps the government intends to take to rejuvenate the local economy. I would like to specifically see a practical plan to assist small and medium businesses who faced numerous challenges in the last year.


Who or what do you want to see in the cabinet for 2023? 

Accountability – how are we tracking in terms of the focus areas outlined in the last State of the Nation address? What recourse is planned for the departments and ministers that have fallen short of their targets?


Further than this, I think it would be fruitful for the government to increase collaboration with industry specialists from the private sector to seek solutions to the pressing issues that the country is facing.


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