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Welcome to new member Three C’s

The Three Cs is a Johannesburg-based, people-focused consultancy that operates globally. The company specialises in executive coaching, building cultural competence and inclusive leadership, and enabling collaborative outcomes.


The Three C’s was founded by Robyn de Villiers, who, after a successful 30+ year career in Reputation Management / Strategic Communications, across Africa and globally, obtained a Master’s degree in Executive Coaching. She then became certified as a Culture Map© consultant and studied for, and registered as, a Commercial Mediator (building collaborative outcomes skills) in the UK and South Africa, so that she could follow her people-development passion.


The Three Cs offering is backed by 30+ years of business experience, in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. This experience gives them an in-depth understanding of business and its challenges and provides a strong foundation on which to draw, to ensure that their clients’ business needs are met. Its geographic reach and ability to work both virtually and face-to-face,  allow Three C’s to collaborate with clients the world over.


“Working with diverse clients from around the world provides us with unique perspectives and insights, which we use to best work with, think with and solve with our clients. Our vast experience across Africa is why Erin Meyer (The Culture Map©) chose to certify me, making me one of a very small group of consultants able to offer The Culture Map© services globally,” explains Robyn de Villiers.


The Three C’s offers a bespoke service on the culture front, which assists organisations and / or teams to build cultural competence, to become truly inclusive and to leverage diversity for highest performance output.


Its Culture Map services have multiple applications, one of the strong focus areas is that of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.


“Through understanding our own, individual cultures and the cultures of others, we are better equipped to create an inclusive workplace, where all diverse members of the team feel respected, understood and listened to,” concludes Robyn.


Who do our members contact if they want to discuss their business needs?

Robyn de Villiers                     +27834198557

Katherine Eerligh            +27845043357


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